Program Evaluations

Student evaluations reflect the opinions of their authors, not the OIE or the College. Because students do not participate on every approved program in a given year, and because completing an evaluation is not a requirement, evaluations may not be available for all programs and may not be recent.

We recommend that you utilize all of the resources available to you as you explore program options; these include OIE staff advisers, Student Advisers, Student Ambassadors, BGLTQ Peer Contacts, academic advisers, Resident Deans, and Tutors.

The evaluations available below are grouped by country and include student feedback over the last five years. 


Kenya 2010-2015

South Africa 2010-present

Other 2010-present


China 2010-present

India 2010-present

Japan 2010-present

Singapore 2010-present

South Korea 2010-present

Other 2010-present


Austria 2010-present

Czech Republic 2010-present

Denmark 2010-present

England 2014-present

France 2010-present

Germany 2010-present

Hungary 2010-present

Ireland 2010-present

Italy 2010-present

Netherlands 2010-present

Portugal 2010-present

Russia 2010-present

Scotland 2010-present

Spain 2010-present

Sweden 2010-present

Switzerland 2010-2015

Other 2010-present

Middle East & North Africa

Egypt 2010-2015

Israel 2010-present

Jordan 2010-present

Morocco 2010-present

Other 2010-present



Australia 2010-present

New Zealand 2010-present

Other 2010-2015

The Americas

Argentina 2010-present

Brazil 2010-present

Chile 2010-present

Cuba 2010-present

Ecuador 2010-present

Venezuela 2010-2015

Other 2010-present