Prepare to Go

Once you have completed the application processes for both the study abroad program or university and the OIE, you must also complete the following pre-departure requirements prior to studying abroad.

Get Info on Financial Aid

If you are on Financial Aid, speak with the Financial Aid Office to complete the Financial Aid Study Abroad Supplement and to understand how your financial aid package will be adjusted for your study abroad experience

Cancel Housing

Cancel your housing for the term that you will be studying abroad by completing the Housing Cancellation Form. Please visit the Studying Abroad section of the Dean of Students Office webpage for more information. 

Get Info on Health Insurance

If you will be waiving Harvard health insurance during your term abroad, you must complete the necessary Harvard University Student Health Program waivers.

Additional Requirements

Schedule your in-person OIE Pre-departure Orientation

You will receive an email with several scheduling options. Be sure to select one and participate during the session or you will be required to schedule an individual session with the OIE.

Health and Safety Pre-departure Requirements

  • Review Harvard College Travel Policy

  • Review your destination’s Travel Risk Rating

  • Review additional COVID-19 Travel Requirements related to pre-travel preparation, in-country advice, and post travel activities

  • Closely review Global Support Services' Coronavirus Advice for Travelers page to gain insight on nuances and consideration for travel during COVID

  • Harvard GSS Online Harvard GSS Online Orientation

    • This online orientation module should take approximately 45 minutes. You will have completed this once you reach the “Certificate of Completion” screen at the end of the module.
  • Complete and submit the COVID-19 Vaccine Attestation to with the subject: Spring 2022 Study Abroad Attestation 

  • Obtain Health Clearance

    • Complete this at least 30 days in advance of your program start date.

    • Once you have completed all student sections of the Health Clearance Form, drop it off at Medical Records (4th floor of HUHS). You will receive an email letting you know that you have been cleared, approsimately 5-7 days later.

  • Register your travel in International SOS MyTrips

    • Register your itinerary and contact information with International SOS (i.e. tentative dates and city, country) even if you haven't yet purchased your flight.

    • Update your itinerary once you book your flight and confirm your accommodations; remember to update your travel details as they change (weekend travel, lodging, transportation, etc.)

  • Download the International SOS Assistance App on your mobile device

    • You will be able to “check-in” to a location if there for less than 24-hours and receive country-specific information sent to you.

If traveling to Elevated Risk Regions

In addition to the Health and Safety Requirements listed above, if you are traveling to an Elevated Risk Region, you must also complete the following requirements