Because I Went Abroad

Hannah in Chile

Because I studied abroad in Chile and Japan, I gained a fresh perspective. The cultural immersion challenged me to reflect on what I am passionate about and what my Harvard education means to me beyond the Harvard bubble. My experiences abroad helped me stand out as a candidate for postgraduate opportunities.

Hannah Lam 

photo of Ethan Samet-Marram abroad

Because I went abroad, my perception of History and Literature shifted. Studying in Havana revolutionized my understanding of historical narratives and objectivity. Cubans study their own history with the US as the villain at each step in their national development. I took for granted the implicitly patriotic bias in American history. I reevaluated historical narratives I once considered fact.

Ethan Samet-Marram 

Selena Rincón in Middle East

Because I went abroad, I have a better vision for my future. I realized I want to live in the Middle East after graduation and that I have the skills to do so. Studying abroad challenged me in a way I did not think was possible and these challenges made me more capable of succeeding in the world beyond the Harvard bubble.

Selena Rincón

photo of Tsega Tamene abroad

I spent a term in Washington, D.C., India, Vietnam, and South Africa engaging in difficult dialogue around health, privilege, capitalism, poverty and human rights. My understanding of medicine changed dramatically, and I broadened my interest in medicine to include interdisciplinary approaches such as social work, law, or business.

Tsega Tamene

photo of Andrea Delgado abroad

Because I went abroad, I affirmed that I want to study archaeology. In Lima, I sought out as many archaeological opportunities as I could and quickly fell in love with the fieldwork. Spending a semester abroad provided me with this wonderful experience that would not have been possible on Harvard’s campus, and I finally found my calling.

Andrea Delgado