Program Petition

If your study abroad program does not appear on the Approved Programs list, follow the steps outlined below to petition for its approval. 

Upon review of your request, you will be notified if the program has been approved. As a backup option, consider applying to a program from the Approved Programs list in the event that your petition is not approved* 

How to Petition for Program Approval:

1) Email Daphne Maramaldi to request an appointment to discuss the petitioned program
2) Upon approval, complete the Petition for Program Approval (instructions below). Be prepared to explain:

  • How this program fits in with your academic goals, as well as your personal/cultural needs or interests
  • Your rationale for choosing this program and why none of the approved programs work for you

3) Additionally, you will be expected to submit specific information on the academic and social components of the program, including a preliminary course list and syllabi, housing structure, opportunities for cultural immersion, etc. 

  • To complete the online application, login to our online application system with your Harvard Key and search for Petition for Program Approval as a program name
  • Submit your complete Petition for Program Approval and Request for Course Approval forms by the appropriate deadlines 

* The OIE reserves the right to consult with Harvard University departments regarding the academic rigor and content, safety and security measures in place, and other aspects of your petitioned program prior to approving or denying your petition request