Student Advisers

OIE Student Advisers are students who have recently returned from a term abroad, and are passionate about studying abroad and spreading the message about what a transformative experience it can be. They are eager to speak with you over a meal in the dining hall or elsewhere on campus at your convenience.

Audrey Shine

AudreyHey there! My name is Audrey Shine (audreyshine@college), and I’m a senior living in Currier House. Originally from Long Island, I moved to Dallas three years ago, studied abroad in the United Kingdom my junior spring, and will work in San Francisco after graduation. I am an Economics concentrator with a secondary in History, but took the opportunity to take courses (or “tutorials”) beyond my primary fields of interest at St. Catherine’s College, Oxford. From global health to the psychology of decision-making, my experience learning in small group settings—occasionally 1:1 — was both enriching and enthralling. Outside the classroom, I found myself at home on the Catz crew team and OU gymnastics club. No matter what stage you are in the process, please feel free to reach out with any questions!

My Study Abroad Highlights

  • Day trip to Slovakia 

  • Skiing on artificial grass at CopenHill

  • Rowing on the Thames

  • Swedish meatballs in Sweden

Ask Me About

  • Food recommendations around Oxford 

  • Campus culture at Oxbridge v. Harvard

  • Finding community in a new space

  • Traveling as an AAPI woman 

  • Your first solo trip

Donia Elmansy

Donia Hi! My name is Donia Elmansy (doniaelmansy@college) and I’m a senior in Leverett concentrating in Government and Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations with a secondary in Economics. During Fall 2021 I studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark on the DIS program. My main course was European politics which complimented my studies at Harvard really well but also gave me new insights on a region that I hadn’t gotten much exposure to. I also took classes I would have never taken at school like a class on visual media, one on World War II history, and a Danish language instruction class. I also got to travel on my own with friends throughout Europe and visit seven new countries. At Harvard it’s easy to go a whole semester without leaving campus and studying abroad is the perfect way to escape that and get outside of your comfort zone. You’ll never get the chance to just spend four months abroad without any responsibilities. If this interests you at all, I definitely recommend that you seize the opportunity.

My Study Abroad Highlights

  • Visiting the EU Parliament in Brussels, Belgium with my class
  • Independently traveling throughout Europe with friends (Madrid and Prague were   my favorites)
  • Completing the Danish oral final exam which seemed very daunting
  • Showing my parents around Copenhagen
  • Having my own kitchen and cooking Danish recipes
  • Seeing the WWII landing beaches in Normandy, France with my class

Ask Me About

  • Taking classes outside your Harvard concentration
  • Studying abroad in Europe and traveling within the continent
  • Navigating COVID concerns abroad
  • Being a joint concentrator and having a secondary
  • Financial Aid
  • Studying abroad in a majority-white country

Gabriella Gordon

GabriellaHello! My name is Gabriella Gordon (gabriellagordon@college) and I am a senior living in Currier House. I am Caribbean and South American and grew up in Miami. I study Economics and History of Science with a Certificate in Latin American Studies and a citation in Spanish. To improve my Spanish and explore something new, I took the opportunity to study abroad in Granada, Spain my junior spring. The experience was so rewarding and I have no regrets! I took classes related to communication, introductory Arabic, and Spanish grammar and writing courses. Even though studying abroad during a pandemic has its challenges, I was able to explore much of Spain as well as 7 other countries over the course of the semester. Studying abroad was an absolute dream and I couldn’t imagine my Harvard experience without this amazing opportunity. I would love to talk about my experience, listen to your thoughts, and weigh pros and cons together!

My Study Abroad Highlights

  • Visiting historical sites in Andalucía 
  • Weekly sunset picnics
  • Learning about Spanish politics
  • Eating food in Italy
  • Visiting ancient ruins in Greece

Ask Me About

  • Traveling while abroad
  • Andalucia region in Spain
  • Studying abroad as a Black/Latinx student
  • Studying abroad in Europe

Kaylee Cornelius

KayleeHi! My name is Kaylee Cornelius (kcornelius@college). I am a senior in Leverett House studying Electrical Engineering with a secondary in Energy and Environment. I am from Decatur, GA, and I studied abroad at St Anne’s College at Oxford University. While studying abroad I enjoyed getting to participate in activities on campus, especially the Oxford University Ladies Golf Club. I also enjoyed the unique style of learning in very small groups, ranging from one-on-one instruction to groups of up to five students in a tutorial. I am so glad that I chose to study abroad during my time at Harvard and recommend others to do the same! I am happy to answer any questions you have about studying abroad as an engineering student or anything else!

My Study Abroad Highlights

  • Attending a conversation with Julian Dunkerton

  • Meeting lifelong friends

  • Surfing in Morocco

  • Snowboarding in the Swiss Alps

  • First hot air balloon ride

Ask Me About

  • Oxford student life

  • Studying abroad as an engineer

  • Studying abroad as a black female

  • Solo travel

Lily Davis

LilyHi! My name is Lily Davis (lilydavis@college). I am a senior living in Lowell House and concentrating in History & Literature. I am from New York City and studied abroad at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland in Spring 2022. While at Trinity, I took classes in English and Film Studies and produced a short film through Trinity’s Film Society, as well as joining the Phil, a debating society. I had an incredible time in Dublin and couldn’t recommend Trinity more highly. I traveled around Ireland quite a bit (Galway is the most beautiful place ever!) and around Europe too, visiting amazing cities such as Lisbon, Vienna, Amsterdam and Barcelona.

My Study Abroad Highlights

  • Visiting different seaside towns outside of Dublin

  • Traveling around Europe with friends from Ireland and my program

  • Meeting Irish people and immersing myself in the unbelievably warm and welcoming Irish culture

  • Experiencing St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland

Ask Me About

  • Dublin!!

  • Choosing to study abroad at the last minute!

  • Deciding between Trinity versus schools in the UK (Edinburgh, Oxford, etc.)

  • Ryanair flights

Tyler Sanok

OIE Student AdviserHi! My name is Tyler Sanok (tsanok@college). I am a senior living in Kirkland House and concentrating in Applied Mathematics. I am originally from right outside of Washington, D.C. I have always loved Italy (and especially Italian food), so I decided to study abroad at Temple University in Rome, Italy during Spring 2022. While abroad, I took classes that I never had the opportunity to take at Harvard such as History of Italian Mafia, Digital Photograhy, and an Italian Food course. However, the most spectacular part of study abroad was the opportunity to immerse myself in Italian culture and interact with locals in each place I traveled. Not only was I able to travel throughout Italy, but I was able to visit Berlin, Budapest, Malta, Poland, Sweden, and so much more. I loved study abroad so much and cannot recommend it enough. Please feel free to reach out to me about any and all questions that you may have.

My Study Abroad Highlights

  • Attending a Music Festival and skiing in the Austrian Alps

  • 3-week solo backpacking trip throughout Poland, Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands

  • Exploring Malta and its magnificent history and beaches

  • Road trip through Sicily

  • Food and wine tours throughout Europe

  • Meeting lifelong friends in the program and on my travels

Ask Me About

  • Rome!!!

  • Food recommendations in Italy and other European cities

  • How to optimize your weekend trips

  • Traveling by yourself

  • Budget Travel