Student Advisers

OIE Student Advisers are students who have recently returned from a term abroad, and are passionate about studying abroad and spreading the message about what a transformative experience it can be. They are eager to speak with you over a meal in the dining hall or elsewhere on campus at your convenience.

LIsa van der Sluijs

OIE Student AdviserHi! My name is Lisa van der Sluijs ( and I am a senior living in Eliot House. I am both Dutch and German, but mostly grew up in the Netherlands. I study Government and Middle Eastern Studies and have been studying Arabic since my first semester at Harvard. To further my interest in the Middle East and improve my Arabic (and to be honest - also to get away from Harvard for a bit), I decided to study abroad in Lebanon my junior spring, at the American University of Beirut. I took political science classes on human rights, Lebanese politics, and the Arab-Israeli conflict, in addition to two language classes in Lebanese Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic. Even though I had to leave a bit earlier than expected due to the pandemic, I still had a fantastic time in Beirut and managed to see quite a few other cities and areas in Lebanon as well. Studying abroad has been one of the highlights of my Harvard experience, so I am happy to answer any questions about it!

Lisa Study Abroad Highlights

  • Going skiing in Faraya
  • Taking very interesting classes on Middle Eastern politics
  • Learning Lebanese Arabic
  • Visiting the ruins of Baalbek
  • Exploring Beirut
  • Lebanese food


Lisa Study Abroad Ask Me About

  • Lebanon and Beirut!
  • Studying abroad as an international student
  • Financial aid while studying abroad
  • Arabic language study
  • Studying abroad in the Middle East
  • Solo (female) travel & backpacking