Billing and Fees

Harvard Term Time Bill Fees

While you are are abroad, you will not pay Harvard tuition. Instead, you will be charged by your study abroad program or university directly for their tuition and fees, which you will pay directly to them.* However, as you will maintain your enrollment at Harvard despite being abroad, you will be assessed a term bill, reflecting the charges listed below. 

*Consortium for Advanced Studies Abroad (CASA) programs are the only exception, where participants will pay the CASA tuition and fees directly to Harvard.

  • Student Services Fee
    All study abroad students are charged a non-refundable Student Services Fee on their term bill for each semester abroad, billed through the Harvard Student Billing Office.

  • Health Insurance Fees and Waivers
    Harvard requires all students studying abroad to have health insurance, whether through HUSHP, your study abroad program, or your family. 

    You will be automatically charged for both parts of the Harvard University Student Health Program (HUSHP): the Student Health Fee, and the Student Health Insurance Plan  (Blue Cross Blue Shield hospital/specialty and Catamaran prescription drug coverage).

    You are eligible to waive the Student Health Fee, and, if you have comparable coverage, you may apply to waive the Student Health Insurance Plan. A separate online  waiver must be submitted for each part of the plan that you do not want to participate in (Student Health Fee and/or Student Health Insurance Plan). Your term bill for the semester abroad will be adjusted accordingly.

Visit for more information on health insurance coverage while traveling and to access the online waivers.

If you have questions, please contact a representative at HUHS Member Services: (617) 495-2008 or email

Be aware that all HUHS and Term Bill deadlines are strictly enforced and no exceptions will be made.