Multi-Country International Honors Programs (IHP)

“My program took place in three different countries, so one of the major thing I learned is that you should be patient with yourself and give yourself time to adjust. Travelling is glorified through social media and you're expected to constantly be having the time of your life - although it is very much an incredible experience, there are low points and it's important to talk about them and know that they might come, and that that's okay. For me, switching locations every month made it so that I had to restart learning the basics of a language, finding my way around, fighting jet lag, etc. etc. - these seem like they should be simple things especially for a Harvard student, but it's important to give yourself some time for self-care and be okay with not loving it 100% immediately - there's a lot of changes suddenly, and taking care of yourself is important. [That said] I cannot emphasize how much my term abroad has influenced who I am as a person, how I interact with others as well as myself, and more importantly, what direction I plan to head with my career. It is not simply because I went abroad and had a lot of fun meeting strangers and living a new life (although there were many moments of my semester where I was) – all of the different ups and downs – combined together and pushed me to try and figure out who I was in this vast world, but also who I am not. Harvard is justifiably known for the first-class education it gives, but it undeniably always leaves a degree of separation from its students in Cambridge and the world which they hope to shape. Flying away from Cambridge, MA for 4 months did not on its own determine who I will be, but it was certainly a crucial place to start.

--Madhavi Narayanan ‘17, South Asian Studies and Government, SIT IHP Human Rights (Nepal, Jordan, and Chile)

Through the School for International Training's (SIT) International Honors Program (IHP) you may choose to participate on a program that travels to multiple countries in one term, exploring a global topic or theme in a comparative perspective. 

International Honors Programs (IHP) begin in the US and spend one month in each of three other countries, on three continents, each semester, giving you a comparative look at a critical global issue. These programs emphasize the multidisciplinary analysis of issues and integrates experience-based learning throughout the semester, culminating in a comparative research project on a topic of your own choosing. Please be sure to review student evaluations of past IHP participants.

Remember to apply early, as IHP programs are very competitive and fill up quickly. SIT admits students on a rolling basis, so apply as soon as possible!

OIE Approved IHP Programs:
Climate Change / Environment
IHP: Climate Change: The Politics of Land, Water, and Energy Justice
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Development, Economy, Inequality 
IHP: Cities in the 21st Century: People, Planning, and Politics 
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Global Health
IHP: Health and Community: Globalization, Culture, and Care (Track 1 and Track 2 tracks pre-approved)
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