Get Started

To study abroad, there are several things to consider.
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Talk to an adviser

There are OIE staff and student advisers who are eager to help you on your journey abroad. Remember to also speak with your concentration adviser(s) and language adviser(s) to understand the specific academic requirements you’ll need to keep in mind while you’re abroad.

Research programs

Researching different program types and the academic opportunities available will help you narrow your choices.

Review and Apply

Review the application processes, and complete each step. Remember, you can apply up to two programs and must complete all steps for each program.

If you have questions, contact an OIE staff member or come to our daily drop-ins for more information.


Spring Study Abroad: October 15

Fall Study Abroad: March 15

Additional Information

Before You Apply

  • Everyone can study abroad with careful planning. Read about your peers’ experiences abroad and reach out to speak to a past study abroad student!
  • Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors who are in good standing are eligible for semester or academic year study abroad

Financial Aid

  • Your financial aid travels with you for term-time study abroad. It covers everything from airfare and visas to books and ground transportation
  • Your parent and student contributions remain the same whether you are on campus or studying abroad for the semester (so you might as well study abroad!)
  • All students on grant aid can take out a loan to cover the term time work expectation, as well as a $2,000 unexpected expenses loan to cover an emergency or to use for travel/recreation while abroad.
  • The Financial Aid Office will help you create a budget to help you figure out your daily living expenses abroad. For more information, see their study abroad page and review their study abroad FAQs
  • Financial Aid officers are available at 617-495-1581 or 86 Brattle St. to address your questions or concerns.

Domestic Study out of Residence

If you are unable to participate in international study abroad for reasons related to citizenship status or otherwise, please contact Camila Nardozzi, the Director of the OIE, for more information.