First-Year Advising

The transition to Harvard can be challenging, and even more so when adapting to a new country and culture. Therefore, the OIE works closely with your Resident Dean, Proctor(s), Peer Advising Fellow(s), and Board of First-Year Advisers, to ensure that you are receiving the support you need to succeed as a Harvard College student. If, at any time you find yourself needing support related to your academics, social life, home sickness, mental health, and/or practical or logistical matters, etc., anyone from the OIE can help. Additionally, the OIE team members have served as First-Year Advisers for a combined 20+ years, so we are well-equipped to answer your questions and provide support.

Reach out to to schedule an appointment, or visit us at our office (1414 Mass Ave, 3rd Floor) during drop-ins, or anytime 9:00-5:00.