Study Abroad

Study abroad is an integral component of a student’s Harvard College experience. Through academic year and/or summer study abroad, students may earn credit toward their concentration, secondary field, and language citation, while directly enrolling in foreign universities alongside local and other international students, with other US-based students on third-party programs, or in fixed or traveling field-based programs.

Learn more about what your study abroad experience can look like by attending drop-in hours or meeting with an OIE or student adviser.

Term Time Study Abroad

Earn a full semester’s worth of academic credit toward your degree by spending a full semester (or two) studying abroad. Together with the OIE, students will work with the academic departments for specific course eligibility and requirements, ensuring course approval and transfer. To get started, review approved programs, deadlines, and steps to apply, please see below.

Get Started

A step-by-step guide to begin your study abroad experience

Term Time Programs

Choose a variety of programs to help you accomplish your study abroad

Apply to Term Time

Review the steps to study abroad

Prepare to Go

Find out what you need to know to prepare for your term abroad

Return to Harvard

Evaluations, Credit Transfer details, and other information

Term Time Financial Aid

Find out how financial aid applies to your term abroad

Summer Study Abroad

Earn up to 8-credits while studying abroad for a summer. To learn more about available programs, summer funding, how to apply, and more, please see below.

OIE Listserv

Receive information on study abroad programs, events and deadlines. Your peers will also share their transformational experiences with you. 

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The Study Abroad Student Experience

Learn more about your peers’ experiences abroad and how to connect with them directly, how to access helpful resources to help you plan for your time abroad, and how your photos from your own international experience can be seen across campus, below.


There are many people involved in your study abroad experience.

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