Tareq Habash '20

Tareq Habash '20

Winthrop House
University of Edinburgh
Tareq Habash '20

Ask me about studying abroad for the third time (and as an athlete)! 

Because I went abroad...

I learned how to structure my life without external stimuli. With significantly fewer class contact hours per week, and no rugby schedule requiring me to be up at six in the morning, my drive to learn, socialize, work and explore in Edinburgh all had to come from within. The restlessness generated by the excessive free time reaffirmed in me the value of proactivity and prompted me to join the canoeing club, work on a NY Public Advocate campaign, and develop some serious cooking skills. I would soon realize that the joy of white-water kayaking is somewhat contingent on your ability to roll back up when dunked in the freezing February waters, and I would adjust my skills accordingly. My time away from Harvard also allowed me to evaluate my aspirations, priorities, and responsibilities in the academic context and in life at large. It is only after pondering the details that I otherwise try to not get bogged down in do I know what I want from my last year at college, and feel ready for it. 

Ask me about….

  • Studying politics at the University of Edinburgh
  • University life in the UK
  • Interning abroad
  • Keeping up with training requirements (for athletes)
  • Trying a new sport abroad
  • Maximizing your budget
  • Maintaining friendships/relationships while abroad
  • The best places to visit in Scotland/UK
  • What a Ceilidih is and what to wear to one
  • Anything about the Middle East

Study Abroad Highlights…

  • Armed Force and Society, a course that allowed me to piece together theoretical and first-hand political knowledge, while incorporating questions about philosophy and morality. The course sharpened my ability to tackle and present monumental strategic and financial problems faced by top political advisors. 
  • Visiting Belfast. Walking over 60 miles on foot throughout Belfast on a random weekend with one of my childhood friends was an unforgettable experience. From touring a Victorian Era prison to chatting with an Egyptian restaurant owner for two hours in front of the “most bombed hotel in Europe”, there was never a dull moment in Northern Ireland.
  • Working on the New York Public Advocate Special Election. I scoped hundreds of tabloid articles on countless topics to advise my candidate on strategy and key issues to consider, and learned so much about healthcare, city infrastructure, law, and more in the process.
  • The tranquility of the Scottish Highlands and parts of Edinburgh. Dipping into the freezing cold water of Sligachan, enjoying live music at the beach and looking down at the city from the top of Arthur’s seat were all moments of genuine happiness.

Other International Experience...

  • I’m a Palestinian and lived in the West Bank for over 16 years
  • Studied at Sidwell Friends in Washington, D.C. for a year as an international
  • Youth leadership camp in Karuizawa, Japan
  • Summer 2017: Harvard Summer School in Scandinavia

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