Sadie Pate '20

Sadie Pate '20

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Spain: Syracuse Madrid
Sadie Pate '20

Ask me about  studying and interning abroad as a sophomore! 

Because I went abroad...

I learned the value of independence. Throughout my life, and even at Harvard, I have constantly been surrounded by people. They motivated me, supported me and were almost constantly available. Going abroad, especially with a host university program, you must quickly learn how to navigate life sans the company of any other familiar face. Thrust into a new family, a new campus and a completely new set of potential friends, Madrid was where I learned how to rely on myself. For me, one of the most defining moments of this newfound ability was my decision to explore Paris alone. Navigating one of the most absurdly constructed subway systems in all of Europe, exploring the dimly lit, underground tunnels of the catacombs of Paris and standing awestruck under the Eiffel Tower for the first time by myself were surreal experiences that I had learned to appreciate for myself and by myself.

Ask me about….

  • Interning abroad
  • Studying abroad on a tight budget
  • Studying abroad as a sophomore
  • Living in a homestay
  • Making friends abroad
  • Going abroad for the first time
  • How to stay connected with life at Harvard while abroad

Study Abroad Highlights…

  • History of Women in Spain, a course taught by a professor whose two older sisters had chosen to be nuns, allowed me unparalleled access to the first-hand effects of religion and gender outside of the United States.
  • Eating dinner every night with my host mom and sister every night, watching the news and talking about the day’s activities was one of the absolute best ways to learn about the local and national culture, and, of course, to improve my command of Spanish.
  • The central location of Madrid provided easy access to explore other countries and capitals outside of Spain. The trips I took to places like Paris, London and Rome were some of the best adventures I have ever decided to embark on.
  • I have absolutely no bearing on the game of soccer. It is one of the only sports I have never played. However, the chance to go to a Real Madrid soccer game was one of the most electrifying things I have experienced. Every game is like the Super Bowl of the world.

Other International Experience...

  • Harvard Summer School Abroad in Buenos Aires Argentina 
  • Harvard Taiwan Leadership Conference
  • Harvard Summit for Young Leaders in China

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