Olivia Nie '20

Olivia Nie '20

Currier House
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Olivia Nie '20

Ask me about making the most of the city and the program!

Because I went abroad…

I feel so much more refreshed in every aspect of my life. Even though I absolutely adore Harvard and the incredible friends that I have in this Cambridge bubble, study abroad was the perfect supplement to my experience at Harvard. I was able to study what I love in a new setting, while also pursuing other passions both in and outside of the classroom. Though London may seem culturally familiar, there really is no nucleus of culture, vibrance and history quite like it. I spent countless hours walking aimlessly through the city, experienced the coolest museums, events and culture hubs, and met the most amazing friends. Most importantly, studying abroad in London gave me time - time to think more deeply about my future trajectory, my aspirations and my passions. Study abroad gave me a fresh pair of eyes to see myself and what I want out of life moving forward. I feel so much more refreshed to finish my time at Harvard and to start the exciting journey that comes after.

Ask me about….

  • Studying in UCL’s Political Science and International Relations Department
  • Integrating hobbies and other passions into your study abroad experience
  • Financial aid, budgeting and managing money in London
  • Continuing extracurriculars remotely
  • Leaving Harvard
  • Studying abroad term-time and summer
  • Living off-campus
  • Making lifelong, local friends abroad
  • Traveling solo in Europe

Study Abroad Highlights…

  • One of my favorite things about studying Government at Harvard is how much it teaches me about other societies, cultures, customs and norms. Studying British Politics in the place where it is most relevant gave me so much insight into salient British political and social concerns (many of which mirror those in the US and around the world) and what Brits all over the country value. My superbly intelligent, quintessentially British professor made the class so fun, and the students in my class, both native and international, had so many different perspectives to contribute every week.
  • Taking a Management class at the UCL School of Management as an elective, where I got to work with a small, close-knit team all semester. On top of teaching me about Management from an expansive view, the course gave me many practical skills that will help me greatly in the future.
  • Integrating my love for the fashion industry by getting connected to London Fashion Week and covering shows and events.
  • Going on long night walks with my native Londoner flatmate and seeing London with a personal tour guide - sans tourists!                       

Other International Experience...

  • Summer 2017: SRISA Summer Architecture Program in Florence, Italy
  • Summer 2018: Kosciuszko Foundation Program at Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland


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