Julia Henry '20

Julia Henry '20

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Environmental Science & Engineering
Julia Henry '20

Ask me about taking classes in a second language! 

Because I went abroad…

I had the time and mindset to enjoy and learn about myself in new and exciting ways. Living in Seville not only allowed me to practice my Spanish, it gave me a whole new group of friends, a host mom, and an excuse to spend a week traveling in Morocco. The freedom from a Harvard workload and extracurricular and social pressures allowed me to spend time reading novels and watch Spanish soap operas with my host mom. I came home excited for my remaining semesters at Harvard, but with no regrets about my decision to spend a semester in Spain. 

Ask me about….

  • Being an engineer and studying abroad
  • Traveling with sustainability practices in mind
  • Living with a host family
  • Overcoming “FOMO” abroad
  • Continuing extracurriculars while abroad
  • Taking classes in a second language
  • The CASA programs and what they have to offer
  • The difference between summer and semester study abroad experiences

Study Abroad Highlights…

  • I had the opportunity to complete a project on renewable energy in Spain for one of my classes. As someone who studies environmental engineering and is interested in a career in the world of renewable energy, it was a great experience to be able to focus on this as part of my coursework abroad. 
  • Taking classes with Spanish students allowed me to make friends and learn about Spain from a local perspective. While getting used to the structure of classes at the University of Sevilla was intimidating at first, it definitely made my overall understanding and comfort in Sevilla more complete. 
  • I took a class about the Spanish conquest of the Americas during the 16th and 17th centuries. It was fascinating to learn about this era of history from an entirely different perspective, especially since this era was considered the golden age for Sevilla because so many of the ships from America went through Sevilla. 
  • Shopping with my host mom for a flamenco dress to wear during Sevilla’s famous “Feria de Abril” was like prom dress shopping, but this time with spanish grandmothers and putting flowers on my head to “termina el traje.” After finding the perfect dress, my friends and I fit right in with the sevillanas during the whole week off of school we had for Feria. 

Other international experience... 

  • Harvard Summer School in Milan & Siena, Summer 2017

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