Carrington Walsh '20

Carrington Walsh '20

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Sweden: The Swedish Program
Carrington Walsh '20

Ask me about being black abroad (in Western Europe) and studying abroad as a sophomore!

Because I went abroad

My life changed. I came abroad because I needed to escape the Harvard bubble, try something new, and see more of the world. I had very little expectations going into my semester abroad in Stockholm, but I left my semester abroad with a renewed sense of self. I felt confident, enriched, and excited about life. Sweden has shown me what I want in my life and what I look for in my future (hint: it looks a lot like Sweden), especially as I head into my junior year and have to start thinking more seriously about my life beyond college.

More generally, I’ve learned so much about another culture and I’ve learned so much about myself. I now know what I like to do with my spare time (it’s writing). More generally, I discovered the type of self care that I had been lacking on campus. It feels so cliché to say that my semester abroad was magical and life changing, but it truly was. Sometimes it takes some time away from a familiar way of life to discover what one truly values in life. My outlooks on life have been forever changed. This experience was beyond transformative.

Ask me about….

  • Being an Economics concentrator abroad
  • Being female abroad (in Western Europe)
  • Being black abroad (in Western Europe)
  • Managing a budget
  • Studying abroad as a sophomore
  • Going abroad for the first time and financial aid abroad
  • Overcoming the "fear of missing out" abroad

Study Abroad Highlights…

  • The people! Being able to meet people with perspectives entirely different from mine was incredibly rewarding. I loved learning about the Swedish perspective over lunch, a drink, or a fika.
  • Travel! I was able to travel around Sweden and see more than just Stockholm. I visited other major cities, like Gothenburg and Malmö, and also visited places like Kiruna and the Arctic Circle. Going up North like that is truly a once in a lifetime experience.
  • University Community! The university and campus feel is totally different at the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) than at Harvard. It was very rewarding to experience another way of doing higher education. And because the university is so small (1200 students only!), the community is much smaller. It feels like everyone knows each other, which may be true at Harvard, but even more so at SSE.
  • Being a real human! During the semester, I lived in an apartment with a roommate. I took public transit to school and around town as well. I had to cook for myself, instead of going to the dhall, like at Harvard. This allowed me to create a lifestyle for myself and really learn more about how I like to live life!

Other International Experience...

  • Weissman Summer Internship Program, Toronto, Canada 
  • Television Production Assistant, Toronto, Canada

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