Term-Time Petition for Program Approval

Photo by Caroline Cuse

If your term time study abroad program is not on the Approved Programs list, follow the steps outlined below to request a review of your proposed program.* 

Upon review of your request, you will be notified via email if your new program has been approved. Keep in mind that the OIE reserves the right to consult with Harvard University departments regarding the academic rigor and content, safety and security measures in place, and other aspects of your petitioned program, prior to approving or denying your petition request.  

How to Petition for Program Approval:
1) Email the OIE with a request for an appointment to discuss the program

2) If the OIE approves of your proposal, you must complete and submit the online “Petition for
    Program Approval”. As part of your petition, please be prepared to explain:
                   - how this program fits in with your academic goals
                   - your rationale for choosing this program
                   - why none of the approved programs meet your academic/personal/cultural
                     needs or interests

3) In addition to the Petition, and Application for Transfer Credit forms, you will be expected
    to submit materials on the academic components of the program (i.e., courses of instruction,
    teaching affiliations of teaching faculty, and any affiliations with educational institutions abroad)

4) To complete the online application, click the blue "start/resume an application" button found on
     the left-hand side of any of the webpages on the OIE website, and search for "Petition for
     Program Approval" as a program name

5) Submit your complete Petition and Application for Transfer Credit (both paper and online
    components) by the appropriate deadlines 

*Consider applying for transfer credit to an alternate study abroad program or university, from
  the Approved Programs list, in addition to the program to which you are petitioning in the event
  that your petition is not approved