Before you Apply

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When can I study abroad?
- Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors are eligible for term-time study abroad
- Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors are eligible for summer study abroad
- Studying abroad for a full academic year requires a bit more planning, so start early! Please think about studying abroad for a full year - it's the most immersive experience you can have

What are the eligibility requirements?
Students must:
   - be in good standing as determined by the Harvard College Administrative Board
   - have satisfactory academic and disciplinary records for the term preceding their time abroad
   - complete a year in residence before studying abroad

How do I decide when is the best time to go abroad?
- The timing on when to participate on a study abroad program depends on each individual 
   student, but the most common factors in determining the best time to go include:
                           - Academic calendar abroad
                           - Concentration / Secondary Field requirements
                           - Academic and Course plans
                           - Language level and proficiency
                           - Finances and Financial Aid
                           - Extracurricular commitments

Keep in Mind:
- Seniors who study abroad in their final semester must be aware of the credit transfer process,
  and speak with an OIE staff member as soon as possible about this process. See the
  Frequently Asked Questions for Returning Students for more information.
- Transfer students must complete at least one full term in residence at Harvard prior to
  participating in a term-time study abroad program.
- Unless granted permission by the Administrative Board in advance, a student cannot be
  granted degree credit for coursework that begins when the student is on probation for any
- Unless granted permission by the Global Support Services Office (GSS), a student may not
  receive Harvard funding, or be granted degree credit for coursework taken in a country or
  region that is rated as High Risk. Please familiarize yourself with the Harvard College Policy
 on Undergraduate Travel Abroad
, and contact the OIE or GSS if you have any questions.

See our Frequently Asked Questions, or contact us for more information.