Health & Safety

Harvard University takes each member of the university's health, safety, and security seriously. In order to ensure your safety while abroad, there are many resources available to you:

Global Support Services 
Global Support Services (GSS) provides tools and guidance to Harvard schools, departments and travelers to help the University travel abroad safely. GSS is a hub for addressing global issues including safety and security, finance, human resources, and other operational matters, through combining internal expertise, best-practice standards, and high-quality customer service to help the Harvard community meet their international goals.

Please be sure to review the following prior to embarking on your summer, term, or academic year study abroad experience:
Before You Go
  To review important reminders/steps you need to prepare for a safe trip.

While You're Abroad
  To review important reminders/steps you need to stay safe while you're away. 

Harvard College Policy on Undergraduate Travel Abroad
  This policy sets forth international travel restrictions for Harvard College students and
  post-baccalaureate fellows who are traveling with Harvard sponsorship (travel or related
  activities which involve academic work that qualifies for Harvard credit, funded in whole
  or in part by Harvard, or are organized or accompanied by a Harvard faculty or staff member
  acting in a Harvard capacity). 

Travel Risk Ratings
   GSS rates the following countries/regions as posing the greatest risk for Harvard travelers. 
   All international travel poses risks for which travelers should prepare. However travel to these
   particular places requires unusual precautions, and travelers should also consider whether the
   benefits of their visit outweigh the risks.

Country-Specific Information
  For additional country-specific security, health, and cultural information.

Additionally, in order to be eligible to study abroad, you will be required to complete several forms, as well as the following: 
Pre-Departure Orientation 
  The Pre-Departure Orientation covers Harvard policies and procedures relating to
  international travel, and specifically focuses on how you can stay safe and healthy abroad. 

International SOS MyTrips Registration
  Registering your trip helps Harvard quickly locate you in the event of an emergency, and provide
  assistance to the best of our ability.