Term Time Financial Aid

Term-Time Study Abroad: Financial Aid Goes Abroad With You 

Don't let finances keep you from studying abroad! 

FAQs regarding financial aid and study abroad:
1) If you receive financial aid, that aid travels with you for term-time study abroad, and covers everything from airfare and visas to books and ground transportation.

2) Your Parent and Student contributions remain the same whether you are on campus, or studying abroad for the semester.

3) All students on grant aid are eligible to take out a loan to cover the term time work expectation for the semester(s) abroad as well as a $2,000 unexpected expenses loan to cover an emergency, or to use for travel/recreation while abroad.

4) The Financial Aid Office will help you create a budget to help you figure out your daily living expenses abroad. 

For more information on applying your financial aid to a term abroad, see their study abroad page and review their study abroad FAQs. The Financial Aid Office offers drop-in hours for budgeting questions on a walk-in basis at their office. The OIE also holds special drop-in hours with the FAO; please check our calendar for specific dates. 

Financial Aid officers are available at 617-495-1581 or 86 Brattle St. to address your questions or concerns. 


Student Testimonials:

"A financial aid officer met with me to explain and help me estimate my study abroad budget and patiently answered my slightly panicked questions. Also, by planning in advance, I was able to cover my term-time work expectation with earnings from my summer job!" —Siobhan McDonough ’17, Social Studies, SIT Morocco: Migration and Transnational Identity

"My family and I ended up paying the same for a semester in Paris, one of the most expensive cities in the world, as I would have for a semester at Harvard. Financial aid made that possible." —Hannah Leverson ’17, Human Evolutionary Biology, CIEE Paris: Critical Francophone Studies

"As a low-income first generation student, I found that the support offered by the college way surpassed my expectations. Harvard’s financial aid system for study abroad was extremely simple to work with and offered me the chance to take advantage of numerous cultural and academic opportunities." Annie Lin ’17, Computer Science, AIT Budapest

"At first, I was nervous that my financial situation would actually prevent me from fully enjoying a study abroad experience. Not only did Harvard help me budget the necessary aid, but the fact that someone took the time to spend an hour with me one-on-one really encouraged me to go abroad much more." - HumbertoJuárez Rocha '17, Social Studies, CASA in Buenos Aires

"Harvard made my decision to go abroad so much easier when they told me my financial aid would stay the same as it is at Harvard." Ellen Jang-Milsten '18, Philosophy, Bard-Smolny in St. Petersburg 

"As a financial aid student at Harvard, I had full support for my study abroad experience. Do not let money affect your decision to go abroad." - Inanna Carter '14, School for Field Studies in Kenya

"I was completely taken care of when it came to my finances studying abroad - I paid not one cent over what I pay while on campus." - Kia Turner '16, CASA in Barcelona