Credit Eligibility

- Your concentration, secondary field and/or language advisers will review each course taken
   abroad, and will approve or deny those courses for transfer credit.  

- To be eligible for transfer credit, courses must meet the minimum requirements of four
   weeks in duration
and 36 classroom contact hours.

- Courses are not eligible for transfer credit if the course replicates one already taken for credit at
  Harvard, or if they are taken pass/fail when a letter grade is an option.

- To be eligible for transfer credit, a course must fall within the parameters of a liberal
  arts curriculum at Harvard College. Courses should be similar to those offered by
  the College, not the professional schools. Courses with a professional focus in accounting,
  agronomy, education, business, marketing, communications, journalism, or clinical
  medicine/psychology are not eligible for transfer credit.

- Courses in studio arts, design, and other art-making courses will be reviewed carefully
  and may not be eligible for transfer credit. Courses in research methods may also be
  ineligible for credit. Be sure to speak directly with those departments prior to studying
  abroad for pre-approval.

- Beginning language courses are not always eligible for credit; each respective language
  department determines whether or not a language course may be credit worthy. Know before
  you go. Consult the list of language advisers to find out with whom you should speak.